Two years ago, Gather’s owner, Erin, was commuting two hours each day to a full-time desk job.  She was stressed, tired, and knew she needed yoga to combat the stiffness of sitting at a computer all day.  The only classes she could find that fit her were an hour away, so Erin woke up at 4, drove an hour to classes, took yoga, drove a half hour to work, showered, worked, drove another hour home.  The yoga classes were fantastic, but the getting there part wasn’t working out, so Erin turned to YouTube and dreamed of a yoga studio magically appearing in Raymore or Belton.

The thing about magic is that sometimes you have to make it for yourself, so when Erin saw an opportunity to lease a space that was pretty much perfect for a little studio she jumped at it, and Gather Wellness was born.

Our studio is located at 406 West Pine Street, Suite D in Raymore, Missouri.  We’re located in the Pine Tree Plaza directly behind El Dorado Mexican Restaurant. 

gather studio before pic