New to Yoga?

What is yoga?

  • Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices  which originated in ancient India.  Yoga can be used as a method of therapy for helping people to live a more meaningful and successful life. The Sanskrit noun yoga translates to (and is cognate with) English “yoke”. It is derived from the root yuj “to attach, join, harness, yoke”.
  • In the Western hemisphere, what we refer to as Yoga is more specifically known as asana. Asanas are performed as physical exercise where they are sometimes referred to as “yoga postures” or “yoga positions”. Asanas promote good health in much different ways than traditional exercise. Practicing yoga is known to develop mind/body awareness, relaxation and concentration. Through the practice of yoga asanas, your body also creates shapes we don’t use in everyday life, which helps maintain flexibility and mobility as we age.

When should I arrive to class?

  • Please plan to arrive at least fifteen minutes prior to class starting. If a class is wrapping up when you arrive, the front door may be locked until the instructor is done.  For brand new students, be prepared to register at the front desk and complete a short information form and liability waiver.

How do I know which class package to purchase?

  • Prior to attending class, we recommend that you check out our list of class prices and packages here. We always recommend our new students to check out a bunch of different classes, so our multi-class passes are great for that!

Do I need to tell anyone that I am new to practicing yoga or am new to the studio?

  • Yes! Please introduce yourself to the instructor before class. Be sure to let your teacher know if there is anything important to know about you, like an injury, any experience (or lack of) with yoga, etc. Please note that receiving hands on assists can be part of the yoga practice, so please let your teacher know if you would prefer to not receive them or if you have concerns of any kind.

What do I wear to practice yoga?

  • We recommend wearing something similar to what you would wear to the gym like comfortable, basic athletic gear. We practice or in sticky socks to keep the floor clean for other yogis.

What do I need to bring?

  • We recommend three basic items to practice yoga: yoga mat, water bottle, and a towel. If you don’t have a yoga mat, no worries! You can borrow one from us, although you might want to purchase a mat for yourself if you keep coming. Bringing a towel is most helpful if you know you tend to sweat easily or if you are taking a heated yoga class.  Towels are also available next to the yoga mat shelves in the back room.

Should I eat before class?

  • We recommend that you avoid eating a full meal for at least two hours prior to attending a class. A light snack of fruit or nuts would be fine. Coming to class well hydrated is very important so be sure to drink lots of water prior to the start of class, and even more water after.

I’ve never practiced yoga before, I have an injury, or I feel out of shape! Which yoga class is best for me?

  • First and foremost, we need to stress that we believe that yoga is for every body! We invite all levels of ability, all ages, all races, and all genders to join us for practice. For students who are new to practicing yoga or who feel they are dealing with limitations in the body, we recommend starting in our slower moving classes. All of our classes are designed to accommodate all levels and abilities, but as a new student, avoiding classes with the words ‘heated’ or ‘power’ in the title will be best, as those classes can often be intimidating to someone learning the practice. Check out of full list of class offerings here.

How often should I practice yoga?

  • Our most common answer is: as often as you can. Practicing once a week can change your mind. Practicing three times a week can change your body. Practicing five times a week can change your life!

I’m intimidated about practicing in a group class! Is there another, more private way for me to learn yoga?

  • Yes, absolutely! We can connect you with one of our amazing teachers if you’re interested in private yoga training. Please contact us if you’re interested in learning more about our private yoga sessions.

I have more questions!

  • Please contact us by phone or email and we’d be happy to answer your questions or address your concerns.