I wanted to share a few housekeeping notes related to our December newsletter/schedule, our cancellation policy for students and instructors, and how to make sure you’re receiving our updates on social media. 

1) Social Media Updates:  Many people have given me feedback that our class posts and events aren’t showing up in their Facebook feed until several days after the fact, or in some cases not at all.   In 2018, Facebook changed their algorithm for your news feed to limit posts from business pages.  Fortunately, there are still several ways to see our classes and get information from the studio: 

  •  Our live schedule is always available at our website at gatherwellnesskc.com or through Punchpass at gatherwellness.punchpass.com  
  • If you would like to make sure you’re receiving our announcements and daily posts, please make sure to select the Gather Wellness Facebook page as a page you want to prioritize in your news feed.  Here’s a tutorial for setting that up. Additionally, if you haven’t liked and followed our Facebook page, please do so!  We post a lot of cool events, articles, and fun pictures of our Gather Wellness family.  
  • Our schedule is posted daily on our Instagram account if you prefer that.  Our account is @gatherwellnesskc

2) Cancellation Policy: As we move quickly toward winter and the threat of inclement weather, cold and flu season, etc., here are some reminders for our cancellation policy for classes: 

  • If Ray-Pec schools cancel due to weather, we likely will as well.  Please watch our Instagram or Facebook page for cancellation notices.  
  • If an instructor is sick, stranded, or has an emergency, we make every attempt to find a substitute to cover class.  If a substitute is not available, we reserve the right to cancel the class.  We will ALWAYS send out a cancellation email to students with reservations, and we will also attempt to contact you by phone or social media if you have provided that information to us.  If an instructor has to cancel with less than an hour before class, you will be credited with a free class on your account.
  • We understand it is frustrating to have your favorite classes occasionally canceled, but please understand our studio is a very small cooperative of people who want to bring yoga and wellness to Raymore, and if other instructors are not already engaged we might not be able to find a substitute for a class.  All of our instructors have day jobs, families, and some travel 30+ minutes from work or home to come teach.  Recently, we’ve had instructors held late at work, been sick, or even been in car accidents driving to the studio.  Last year we had to close classes for ice on the highways and in the studio parking lot.  It’s a bummer, but it’s just part of life.  The safety and well-being of my instructors and our members matters more to me than keeping a class open.  We are very grateful for our members who understand this and are supportive of this policy.
  • While we do welcome drop-ins, our instructors reserve the right to cancel a class that does not have reservations up to an hour before the class start time.  We understand it is not always convenient to get online and reserve a spot through Punchpass, but a quick message to the Studio FB page or a text to your instructor or the studio phone number can reserve your spot the same.  If you are a regular attendee of our classes, please consider reserving your spot so we know to expect you.
  • If you are a frequent drop-in, please plan to come 5-10 minutes early.  We are not responsible for keeping the studio open for late arrivals.   
  • Finally, if you reserve a spot and do not show up to class, you will be charged.  Just like things happen in our lives, we know and understand that unexpected things pop up in yours.  It is still a common courtesy to send a quick text or a message to the studio/instructor to let them know.  If an emergency pops up and you aren’t able to contact us, just let us know after the fact and we’ll be happy to restore the class to your account. 

3) Schedule: There was a little list of start dates that got cut off from our schedule in the newsletter and Facebook posts.  Here are the start dates for our new classes for December, as well as a time change for Big/Little Yoga:

  • Big Little Yoga starts at 5:45 pm and will be a 45 minute class (still for $5)
  • Yoga for Mere Mortals is a  60 minute yin style class and will begin on Wednesday, 12/11
  • Pound is a 45 minute class and will begin Thursday, 12/19.  We do have a Pop-up event for Pound (Pound + Pints) on Saturday, 12/14 at 4 pm
  • $5 Fridays Happy Hour Yoga begins on Friday, 12/13 at 6 pm 5) Please watch for class cancellations and schedule updates for the week of Christmas.  

If you made it to the end of this email, thank you!  I know that’s a lot to share at once, but hopefully it will help everyone be better informed as we add classes and fine tune our schedule for 2020.  If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact Erin via our Facebook page, email at gatherwellnesskc@gmail.com or by text/phone at 816-388-0494