At Gather Wellness, we believe movement and health should belong to everybody and every body. 

About Us

Raymore and Belton’s Only Dedicated Yoga and Wellness Studio

There’s nothing quite like waking up early to come to yoga, smiling at other sleepy friends rolling their mats out in a quiet, inviting studio, breathing and moving together to wake up stiff bodies and release the tensions of the day, and to leave excited about the day.  You deserve the experience of a beautiful studio, a dedicated and passionate staff, and a community of people excited about wellness.

Why Choose Us

Gather Wellness is not just for yoga!

Gather Wellness is also the home of Banduri Tribal , Kansas City, Missouri’s only Fat Chance Belly Dance® Sister Studio.  Studio owner and troupe director Erin Hillier teaches belly dance fundamentals, technique, and performance skills every week.

In addition to belly dance, Gather Wellness will be offering regular workshops on meditation, creative movement, health and wellness, and women’s issues.  Check back soon for more information on our special classes!

Our Classes

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Yoga Classes

Gather Wellness offers a wide variety of yoga styles, including hatha, vinyasa, chair yoga, and kundalini.

Pilates, Belly Dance, and More

Gather Wellness also holds weekly Pilates, PiYo, and American Tribal Style® Belly Dance classes.


Why Yoga?


Just 20 minutes of yoga a day can boost your energy levels and make them more consistent throughout the day.

Strength Building

Yoga is a low impact way to build full body strength and support your core, an all-important factor in reducing back pain and avoiding injury.

Stress Relief

Come on, what other exercise or practice lets you take a 10 minute nap at the end?  Yoga is a proven stress reliever. 

Find Your Community

When you come to Gather Wellness, you aren’t just a person on a mat or in a class.  You’re part of our tribe, our community, and our family!

Mind & Body

Practicing yoga, belly dance, or other nonjudgmental forms of movement can help foster a deep sense of self-worth and belonging in the world.

Mind & Soul

If your mind and heart aren’t at peace, it shows in your body.  Yoga, belly dance, and meditation provide tools to help you heal from emotional wounds and find peace in your world.

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